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Yes, food prices have definitely gone up here too. The drought in California probably will further increase food prices for the summer.
I didn't agree with it.
 for you Averysmomma, sorry for your loss.
That is hurtful, it doesn't cost money to make someone feel loved and appreciated. He could have made you breakfast and a homemade card if money was an issue. Merry Christmas to you. ( I agree with the others do something nice for yourself) :)
Singing Christmas songs together with the kids, baking cookies and treats, watching Christmas movies and classics on tv, feeling gratitude for all the good in our lives.... Enjoying the season and each moment it brings
I'm a Merry Christmas person, but saying warm wishes seems more than okay because your just wishing someone well. When I pick up cards I look for ones that are usually attached to an organization where proceeds help that particular charity. Unicef or National Geographic are good ones.
Hey friends I have been gone and haven't read here in weeks. hope your all doing well. I had a family emergency and was home visiting family and missed two weeks of work. Now I'm not sure that I still have a job despite a hospital note verifying my absence. So stressful to think about financially but I have hope we'll somehow get thru it.
Update: This book was such a dissapointment in comparison to her Eat, Pray Love book. I do not recommend this book.
Goodwill does offer a Job Search Center. I just learned about the program this year as it's unadvertised, but it's great for building a resume/cover letter and assists in helping folks find a job.
That was very thoughtful of you, thanks for sharing   ( I agree with Annlea, don't let anyone make you feel bad for doing something nice for someone)
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