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Congrats!! Get some rest mama!
Congrats she's a cutie!!
Here's my birth story. Its long because I want to beable to come back and read it when i've long since forgotten I woke up at 3:30 in the morning on the 25th just because, whichhad become a habit over the last couple of weeks. over the next two hours I had crampy contractions. I didn't think a lot of it till about 6 am when i realized this was it. These were the internal, feel like something is being pulled out of your core ctx. I went and told Dh and he sorta rolled...
oh i hate nightmares like that! glad to hear the family is being reunited
well i was a few days off. 25th 11:58 pm 8 lbs 5 oz 20 1/2 in. not as long as i thought i just knew this kid was going to be all legs the way she'd been torturing me!
Since I'm awake and can't go back to sleep I thought I'd compare predictions to outcomes :p I was way off on mine obviously!! :)
*hugs* sorry :(   I hear you about the on again off again ctx. It's beginning to seriously piss me off! Now I feel bad for telling DH I just wish my water would break. I'd probably be in the same boat where it wouldn't change anything just add another layer of aggrivation.   I hope things pick up for you soon! Sending all the labor vibes I can muster your way!
beanbrat - hey 5 is still normal and it's very possible if you go in again the fluid will be unchanged. I would insist on checking again in a couple of days personally to have another number to compare to. If it's obviously going down then I would feel concerned, but if it's constant I would let my body continue on it's own. It sounds like your body is going at it's own pace and there's nothing wrong with that! :) chug some water and listen to your...
Wonderful! Congrats! He's adorable :)   My doula friend told me that happens a lot, you don't realize you're holding back for this reason or that and then as soon as it happens (your mw showing up) the show is on! So happy it went well!
PLEASE do some research into cytotec before using it :( It sounds like you're doing good on your own. Like I mentioned before you can always say NO!
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