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You have been on my mind ever since your last post! I'm so glad everything worked out okay, but at the same time sorry you had to experience a scary birth. He's adorable, you did good mama!
guen - I can vouch for that, it never fails when I send him to get groceries he never comes back with the right thing unless I write a sentence describing EXACTLY what I need.   Thyme - they got 13-14 minutes apart last night for a few hours and then in the middle of the night they just stopped. Competely, no pain, no ctx at all. When I fully woke up this morning I could feel she had changed position, tried to check my cervix this morning and it has moved back up. So...
  I know! She's superwoman!! I'm baffled by her list!
I don't think I could paint right now if I wanted to. The smell would probably do me in He is really good with newborns including playing taxi to babe because I'm the type once I stand up I am awake so he has to bring me babe if I'm sleeping. . Like I said he has a lot of pros too he is just incapable of doing housework
He mops AND cooks??!! Count me as jealous. Don't get me wrong I love my DH and he has plenty of pros that outway the cons, but when I'm pregnant and miserable the cons make life very hard.
Congrats! Make sure to share some pics when you get the time! :)
I hope an up in meds takes care of the bp problem, glad your OB sounds pretty relaxed! I will send stay put vibes to yours as well :)   DH doesn't do stuff like that. I'm lucky if he picks up the house once a year, he's been a little bit better for the last 6 months because I literally have had no energy for up keep. So he has to clean his clothes and if he wants clean dishes then he has to do them. He is the kind that if I ask him to put up the clothes he will put...
Hoping no news is good news!
I'm glad it was that easy! I hope you don't have trouble finding a new person. I hate changing providers early in pregnancy I can't imagine having to do it this late in the game and with both of those issues to boot, hopefully neither effects your birth!   I followed Thyme's advice and had a bit of wine last night, the ctx went away, still had some BH, but nothing painful except the general constant pain in my side. They woke me up at 2:30 this morning, but once...
My parents had a dog that would jump their fence no matter what they did. They finally had to tether him just to keep him home and safe. He broke the line many, many times. Is there a chance you could fence a small yard, you know bigger than a kennel, but smaller than what you really want to have in the long run. My parents have a husky that was a dog I pulled from a shelter (I used to rescue many years ago) I would love to bring her to our farm, but she is exactly as...
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