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Simon - you can still say no to a c/s. No matter how bad the OB wants to schedule you. I wouldn't cave to the bully personally.   sweet - W/ DD2 I lost what seemed like my whole plug a week before my water broke and she was born 39 hours after that. HTH.   Walked for two hours yesterday, finally got intense ctx ten minutes apart for a few hours, was so tired I fell asleep and they kept waking me up. Then about 5:30 this morning they spaced out and went sparatic...
*hugs* I'm so glad he's healing well and the NICU staff is so supportive! Sorry that you are having to experience this though. Heal little E so you an get back home!
The elf on the shelf is a lot of fun! We did it last year and I remembered to get them (we have an OLD creepier version that DH grew up with as well as the new one) out yesterday! YEAH!!! About half the days I do the more creative stuff (bathing in marshmallows, turning the milk green or blue) and the other half it's more of a hide and seek game :)
Congrats! What a great birth! Welcome Adelaide!
Happy Turkey day everyone! :)
hehe I like that, not too patriotic, but love me some explosives :) Sounds like me!   DD2 was born on Dec 27th and she does get kind of slighted on her bday. Though you are right tday is not a bad holiday to be mixed with and it wouldn't be every year.   Wellll.... we can kinda do things.... I had another person (this is probably the 7th or 8th person to suggest it) mention EPO. So I decided I would try it today. DH and I DTD last night so I didn't figure it...
Definitely NOT the capsule that I passed. The capsule disintigrated, when I tried to pick up what was left of it out of the glass it fell apart between my fingers. What I passed was similar to a HUGE booger, I touched it and it retained it's structure. Just like what I remember bits of my plug being like in previous births, only this didn't have any blood tint to it more clearish yellowish which is why I wasn't sure if it was what I thought it was.
I did take it orally today too. I took it orally for the last few weeks with my last kiddo. I just happened to come across the bottle on friday while getting another thing out of my stash of supplements for a friend. It expires next month so I thought I might as well use it. I didn't have much luck with it orally last time so I hadn't given it much thought this time. I kept saying I was going to try it vaginally last time, but never got around to it.
I had yet another person suggest EPO to me so I thought, WTH, why not. I inserted one cap a few hours ago. Umm..... I think I lost some plug. That or it was the remains of the capsule..... I have another capsule sitting in a glass of water right now so I can compare what it looks like dissolved to what I passed. Hm... I may be a believe in EPO after this. What I passed seemed at first glance to be more massive than what a capsule would leave behind..... I dunno, but I'll...
Congrats! They are beautiful and I love their names!
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