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:( I'm sorry your DH is sick! That is the last thing I would want to deal with right now!   I'm still hangin out. I'm with you on the changing gear. I wanted her out, but now I'm thinking... if she waits till the 29th then her bday will never fall on tday.... so I'm torn. I really want to be done, but I also don't really want her bday to fall on thanksgiving.
I hope the stretch and sweep makes progress for you. My OB told me whenever I decided I wanted help to just let her know, but she was happy to wait it out like I keep saying. I think if I get to 41 weeks I may falter on that plan!
OB appt today. 38+5. I am at 2cm and 20%. Only reason I had her check me is because my cervix has gone back up to a posterior position. There is no hope of me reaching it around my belly now and DH kept bugging me after the close ctx I had sunday night.  Apparently they did some work. *sigh* PLEASE get out kid!
We are supposed to be going to my sister's. Thing is her in laws, my other sister's inlaws, other extended family are supposed to be there. I really don't want to have the same conversation 20+ times. "Yes, anytime now. Yep, pretty miserable. Yeah, I know I'm big." I've got everything we need to make our tday meal here. I want to go into labor tonight, have her early in the morning, get discharged tomorrow evening. Be home for tday, DH and I can cook our meal and just...
How wonderful :) I love his name! Congrats!!
My kids watched us butcher our turkey yesterday. The 6 and almost 5 year old were out there from beginning to end. They watched some, they played some, they helped us pluck. The three year old came outside while we were plucking and seemed a little distressed, but when we brought the carcass inside to butcher they all sat around the table and watched. They came and went the whole time. No trauma. My husband did make a point to do the throat slitting out of direct view...
I hope your DH is right! :)
Really thought I was in labor last night. They got to 3 minutes apart, but then every 20-30 minutes there would be a 9 minute seperation, then right back to three. This went on for about 6 hours! ARGH!! I was 95% convinced that was it, but nope. *sigh* I finally went to sleep around midnight and woke up for every ctx to tell DH to time it   I probably could have slept through to morning, but instead the cat knocked a carton of eggs off the counter at 3:30 in the...
wow!!! What a big boy!!! Congrats mama! You did awesome!!!!
Woot! Sending smooth labor vibes your way!!
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