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With my first (a non vbac hospital btw) they attempted a spinal twice and then knocked me out. She was probably out in under 10 minutes, including the time it took to wheel me to the OR, but I honestly wouldn't know I was knocked out because she needed to get out fast. My husband wanted me to add the nurses were still trying to get him dressed and they had already pulled her out, that's how fast it happened.   I know our VBAC hospital has everyone needed in house,...
Okay, I'm torn, it was nice to get sleep last night, but I really thought I was headed for labor. After two days of painful ctx all over the place including bouts of close ctx, last night NOTHING. Last night I poked on her head and she moved up to get away from me poking on her. I guess that really is what is causing my problems. When she starts to move down she's triggering ctx, but without the hormone shift they're just painful and all over the place.
Sending good labor vibes your way!
Thyme - oh the guinea pigs are fine, it just made for a long morning for me cleaning pigs and cages :p I hope one bite of pb cookies and labor will kick in for you!   I found a m&m cookie bar recipe I cannot wait to bake tomorrow! I think my goal is to stay preoccupied with baking.....
Yeah! Congrats!
haha I was joking with another friend on a TTC board. She said she was going to start telling people, "Oh yeah! I had him a week ago, no one told you?"
I just did a big grocery run and have been cleaning like a bandit the last two days. I feel like she's coming soon. My ctx have gotten a LOT more painful, but they just won't organize. They keep fluxing from an hour down to 5-6 minutes for a little while then 15 to 20 back to an hour and then back down again. I'm fed up. I remember now why I didn't want to have days of labor. I told DH yesterday this is exactly how my labor ctx felt last time, but they just won't stay...
faye - I hope your VBAC goes well. My c/s was hard on DH too, but that's cause he genuinely thought I was dead through part of it :p They had to knock me out to cut her out and DH looked from her over to me still on the table. He said he still has nightmares because I looked dead and the OB had me open like a turkey cleaning out giblets. How's that for a mental image :p Anyway vbac was a good healing experience for both of us, I hope you guys get the same thing!
No, it's not easy :p I thought I had a leak w/ my last babe and it turned out to be urine...  :p but show is a good sign! Hopefully soon!
THIS!! Exactly, you hit it on the head.
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