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My grandfather was a twin. When his mother gave birth the nurses asked what she wanted to name them. She asked, "Who's president?" So my grandfather was Woodrow and his brother was Wilson.   I don't mind having all girls. I'm not a big fan of gender roles, so my kids are welcome to be boyish or girlish :) So far the oldest two are a nice combo of both, my youngest is my girly girl. My OB's nurse (who I adore we've gotten to know each other through three pregnancies)...
Well, if the worse ctx seem to be linked to a full bladder maybe lay off the fluids a few hours before bedtime? Maybe that would help? I'm the type I'm willing to try anything just to feel like I'm doing SOMETHING!   Had some harsh ctx last night, then they spaced out around midnight. Ones that really made me question whether I was headed for labor. Already having more this morning, but I think she's shifted deeper into my hips again so I'm sure it's all just due to...
Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you!   Can't wait to hear she's going home!
oo I think have have some magnesium pills.... anyone know if they are like iron and can cause constipation? I don't want that!   Awww  to you ladies hitting 40 weeks. I think we all start wishing and hoping once we hit the "safe zone". "Anytime kid! Anytime!" No one really wants to hit 40 weeks and certainly doesn't want to go over! Hope they decide to make their appearence soon!
haha, yes, detach the belly and hand it to DH. Here! Your turn!   I hide out on the couch cause DDs go straight to our bedroom if they wake up ;) DD3 is so used to me not being there now she didn't even come to my side last night she went straight to DH's side. That's a victory in my book!!
lol The whole point of this thread is to complain! So please feel free to complain about anything and everything :) That was me last week every hour it was waking me up. I'm so glad this kid moved back up. I'm still having here and there ctx, but only a couple a night are waking me up now. Can you trade w/ DH and you sleep in the guest room? I've been on the couch for months, last night I tried sleeping in bed and found my hips hurt WAY too much. Back to the couch...
Wow! What a birth story! Congrats, he is adorable!
Chug that water! Glad you didn't have to face pitocin! I'm not a fan of it, tho I've ended up with it in my previous three births.
Agreed - the nerve! It would have been kinda neat to have a babe today, hadn't thought about that. Remember, remember the 5th of november? :)   Long as she holds out through tomorrow, I would rather not be stuck in a hospital and the only thing on tv is election results :p Anytime after that I'm cool :) Only had a few random ctx today, my cervix has progressed though since I checked it on friday. I'm beginning to think I just have a lazy cervix this time...
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