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Yep, it was the main symptom in the beginning. It was crackly and then progressed to flaring my TMJD. I ended up developing MAJOR allergies about 2 years later. Luckily, I've healed a bunch but boy, would it have been easier to stop it all before it blew up.
  I'd say a blanket statement of definitely get tubes AND cut out parts of his body based on one post is entirely too drastic.   OP - As there is a history of fluid, I would highly recommend dietary changes, such as removing mucus forming foods like dairy and inflammatory foods like industrial seed oil and grains. This will give you the best chance of him "passing" the hearing exam. If he does not pass again, there are other dietary changes you can make. If those don't...
What did you eat when the day of or 1 day before the anxiety hit? My DH greatly reduced grains and sugar from his diet and his anxiety is 90% under control. 8 of my friends have reported similar results. I would highly recommend you check out Primal/paleo blogs. They are very similar to The Mood Cure dietary recommendations.
2 packets (900 billion) of VSL#3 for me and my 10yo. Her eczema was gone in a week. As long as I keep up fermented foods for her, it mostly stays away now.
I would strongly suggest you take toxic foods like grains and industrial seed oils out of his diet. They are inflammatory and only making his asthma worse. I would also remove dairy for a while.   He should be taking magnesium and Vitamins B12 & D at minimum.   Chriopractic work and a good chinese medicine doctor will help you get rid of this.   Asthma is a sign of chronic inflammation that will only get worse in the future if you don't stop it...
Full Moon Feast Anything Jamie Oliver ...except ignore all the gluten containing recipes ;-)
I use Stevia as a sweetener enhancer. Use your regular sweetener but cut it in half and had a drop or 2 of Stevia.
For those thinking about buying a carbonation system, check this out:   http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Soda-Water-%26-Home-Carbonation---Pays-For-Itsel/   I made this for DH for xmas and he LOVED it. While it is a little more in initial outlay, it's a lot less expensive per serving. Plus, the tank has an excellent resale value if you ever tire of it.
Gluten definitely makes my DH gassy.
Yes, unfortunately auto-immune disorders show up after pregnancy. I would highly recommend you read The Auto Immune Epidemic and the blogs http://perfecthealthdiet.com/, http://coolinginflammation.blogspot.com/, http://www.marksdailyapple.com/. You will likely find relief by removing toxins from your diet like grains and industrial seed oils. Check out the paleo/grain free thread in the traditional food forum for support and ideas.
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