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DD was just over 6 lbs at birth and we definitely needed NB sized clothes for about the first month or so, in fact they were a bit too big the first week or two.
The only one I don't particularly like is Eden. If DS had been a girl, I would have been fighting hard for "Ruth" as it was my mother's name. Another Biblical name I like (but we couldn't use) is Esther.
Quote: Originally Posted by gardenmommy notjustmamie, do you think that would work with fresh/frozen blueberries? I would love to try that, but never have dried blueberries, as they are just so darned expensive. Haven't been checking on my posts in a while--sorry! If you haven't already gone ahead and tried it, I'm sure it would work fine with either fresh or frozen berries. You may want to start with only about half the milk and see how thick...
No, they're not all emotionally traumatic. I actually felt pretty empowered by my emergency c-section after homebirth transfer. If you're interested, my birth story is here.
I second the idea of various carriers or regular position changes. I found a lot of great babywearing ideas at wearyourbaby.com.
pot during pregnancy happy but terrified
Do you have some time over a couple of weekends when you could set some stuff up? Maybe put together a box of "craft kits" in zipper bags that DD can access herself? How about moving bathtime to the afternoon? What about some active games that you could both do--like "simon says" or "mother may I" or dancing the hokey-pokey/macarena/electric slide? How about a dance or yoga video aimed at children? Does she like to help around the house? Can you supervise her while she...
I just wanted to add that if you're avoiding ALL dairy, you need to read labels on absolutely everything. I've been (mostly) dairy-free for years now, and I still run across stuff that I think should be safe but has hidden dairy, like taco seasoning, chicken broth, and lime-flavored tortilla chips.
There is a page on the ssa site that tells you how long you should expect it to process. I found this when I realized we needed DS's SSN to file taxes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shahbazin Do you have furry dogs? No joke, one of the warmest fibers is "chiengora", yarn spun from dog fur. I've crocheted hats from an Anatolian Shepherd x Shetland lamb blend, & they were super warm (perhaps not real practical in southern California, but hey, I already had the dogs & the sheep). "Many people have a potential "sheep" right in their house. In North America, indigenous tribes were spinning dog hair into yarn...
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