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Yup. We've budgeted some for a couple of trips we need to take this year (family obligations), some to pay off debt, some for family fun activities, and a little bit for each of us blow individually.
What about breastmilk storage bottles? Those usually come in 4-5 oz sizes and are made to hold frozen/chilled milk.
Honestly, for #2, I would have loved it if a bunch of friends each put together blank scrapbook pages for me (so it would be like a fill-in-the-blank baby book). Having two has turned out to be so much more time consuming than I'd counted on. I would love to have a personalized, homemade baby scrapbook for my some, but it's unlikely ever to happen (at least as long as he's still a baby).
My biggest complaint about the cards is you have to pay a service charge to get it activated (usually 3-5% of the card value). It bothers me to pay a fee in order to use my own money! I'd probably either use a Visa/MC debit card that was linked to my checking account (or some other account, like PayPal) or I'd go ahead and use a regular credit card on the trip, then pay if off immediately when I got the statement.
He also might be gassy. My DS (3 mo) acts like that when he is genuinely hungry, but he's got gas. He's not necessarily hurting (not screaming/crying/fussing), but just having trouble focusing on eating.
S/O What do you call "girl parts"? anal fissures Yowch!
Not in your DDC, but had some thoughts ... How sure are you of your EDD? Also, was your DD on time, early, or late? I would be more likely to keep the coverage in place and hope for the extra days if, say, I had a regular 30+ day cycle (with the EDD is based on LMP) and DD came a week late. On the other hand, if DD was on-time or early an you have shorter cycles, I might go with saving up the premium each month. Does the policy pay ANYTHING before 10 months? Is there any...
Crochet is pretty easy to set down, especially if you just using one color at a time.
Quote: What kind of cooked beans - liked baked beans? Nope, just regular old beans, soaked and cooked from dry. You can defrost them and use them like canned beans, but they cost a lot less.
I'm not familiar with that test ... are you supposed to just get two lines or is there supposed to be a plus sign in one of the windows? I definitely see two lines, but I don't see a plus.
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