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Quote: wow, I must be living under a rock because I've never heard the name. I don't keep up much on the news. In any case, I would have pronounced it "Mahl-yah". If I were trying to spell it phonetically, I'd probably go with Maleeya.
Quote: Originally Posted by Diyan I like this one: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/maind...BeanBurger.htm I've made this with black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, and a combination of all three. Every time they worked great. We're not even veggie and we loved this recipe!
I still stop by once in a while, but it's been so quiet I haven't thought to say much. Is the facebook group more active? Maybe I should check over there.
I didn't realize a lot of the performers were from Canada. Does anybody know if NBC will be streaming the coverage after it's televised? DH wants to see all of it but he has to work tonight.
I had to choose other. I grew up with "pop," but I lived in New York as a teen where it was only "soda." I moved back to the midwest as an adult, so now it's a bit of both.
I loved the embroidered tattoo, though.
Are you knitting? If so, how about this one?
That's my kind of tax error. Have fun on your trip!
I'm also one who figured if I were hurting him, he'd cry. He certainly does in other situations when he's scared or in pain, so as long as he's got a smile on his face, I'm not worried about it.
Wow! That's what they call "thrifty"??? According to the USDA our monthly food budget should be almost $500. Our entire grocery budget--food, toiletries, and household products--is just over half of that (56%). Apparently, I'm thriftier than I thought.
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