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I'd be happy to double check your chart for you, but honestly, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If you're only about 6 weeks along, the U/S would only be off by a day or 2 either way, not anywhere close to 14 days.
How about something like this: http://www.mapresources.com/samplemaps.asp
I have it all figured out and I can submit it over the weekend because we finally have a SSN for DS now. Hooray!!
I would say it looks like you O'd on the 17th, which would give you an EDD of 10/10/10.
Smokering, I'm just jealous that you have Tim-Tams there. I miss those ...
I only have "anecdata", but my milk came in on day 2 with DD (vaginal birth) and not until day 5 with DS (c/s). My midwife thought that my milk production (with DS) was affected by the amount of blood I lost (about 1500cc compared to about 300cc with DD).
Maybe it's just me, but I'm totally seeing the Olympic rings.
Whoa ... is THAT why they gave me so much vaseline at the hospital?? I thought it was for the meconium diapers (which, since my milk was taking it's own sweet time coming in and he was jaundiced, we had for about a week). It never even occurred to me that it could possibly be for something else.
Granola with dried fruits and nuts. Eat it plain or with your favorite milk substitute.
You can even just use a regular piece of fabric. Instructions for various wraps using a simple piece of cloth (SPOC) can be found at wearyourbaby.com.
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