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Here's a link to the film's website. You can see the trailer and several clips there as well as download the press kit which includes a synopsis. There's also a link for "sales" under the contact tab, but I don't know if that's for individual copies or public performance or both?
I never heard of the band or the shoes, but I immediately thought "keen" like Bil Keane, the "Family Circus" cartoonist. I'm feeling old ...
I bled monthly during the 1st trimester in 3 of my 4 pregnancies.
Check out the Birth Professionals Forum. There are several LCs who post there. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=228
So they can tell what Superbowl it is, and why Shakespearean scholars study HIV (parts 1 and 2).
For "special" I always go for appetizers (make anything bite-sized and it's immediately cooler) or desserts. Can you do eggs? Deviled eggs are always popular and you can use an icing tip to make them pretty. Or how about individual tarts? You can make them in a mini-muffin pan and do either sweet or savory.
Some additional links to articles that show the safety of homebirth: Outcomes Associated with Planned Home and Planned Hospital Births in Low-Risk Women Attended by Midwives in Ontario, Canada, 2003–2006 Retrospective study of women planning a home birth with a midwife and a similarly low-risk group planning to birth in hospital. Researchers found no difference in the risk of perinatal or neonatal deaths and serious injuries. The hospital group had a higher rate of all...
Make sure when you arrive at the hospital, you tell them you would like to be assigned a nurse who likes to support natural, unmedicated births. If you are likely to be there through a shift change, you may need to ask twice. Having a MW or OB who is on board with a natural birth is vital, but your life will be so much easier if you have a nurse who is rooting for you as well, rather than one who doesn't understand.
Quote: Originally Posted by momofmine Is there a place online to watch streaming TV? I have been googling but can't figure out what's legitimate and what's not. My DH and oldest DS want to watch the Pro Bowl, on right now, but we don't have cable, and it's on ESPN. It looks like most of these services charge you, but I wouldn't mind for the occassional big event like this. But just not sure what service to use, what's legit and what's going to screw...
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