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Quote: When we left the hospital, we were informed that the hospital policy was that "baby can only be discharged in a carseat." I explained that our carseat was a convertible, and therefore not designed to be easily removable from the car (it took over an hour to get the stupid thing in there properly and safely), and asked what they do in that situation. This was the same policy of the hospital where DD was born. They made us take the seat out and...
Am I the only one who got stuck on "all together"? If the ducks are all together, how can some be in one place and some in another? I also have a history of overthinking word problems ...
So, if I'm understanding this correctly, lower-fat milks that have added powdered milk are basically ... forms of condensed milk?
Ben: But you'll never answer the really big questions: Does God exist? What's the meaning of life? Why does my pee smell funny when I eat asparagus? Katie: Aspartic acid, hence the name.
I think it's standard because the OB/MW has you in the office regularly while you're pregnant. Also, they probably want to do it early because, if they found something, you would have the time to decide to terminate if you wished. At least, those are my guesses.
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy You could use it for Shepard's Pie
How about the one for some heartburn pill (Zantac maybe?). It starts out showing a mom in the car dropping her kids off at school, then the voiceover comes on, "Chug that coffee!" The scene changes to mom at work, sitting at her desk with take-out lunch, "Bolt that burrito!" I forget what else it says, but the idea is: Go ahead, treat your body like crap--then when it revolts and you get heartburn, just take our pill and you'll feel better. No harm, no foul. Ugh.
You can also download the CDC growth chart data tables (they'll open up in Excel or any spreadsheet program). Then you can see the actual numbers that make up the curves. Here's the link: http://www.cdc.gov/growthcharts/perc...data_files.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by Stayseeliz You should see the amount they take out if you have them withold taxes from the check before you get it too. It's crazy-like 1/4 of what the check is. Way more than someone making $300 a week is going to pay at the end of the year anyway. I mean, you get that back when you file your taxes but it's still way too much to withold initially. Really? It's that much?? When DH got unemployment, when he first...
Quote: Originally Posted by vbactivist It's very cool. But my house only cost me 200,000 and I only spend between 50 and 75 per month on each utlitiy (less in the summer). How long would it take me to make up the 800,000? I wish there was a way to do this sort of thing cheaper.... At $75 per utility for 3 bills a month, it would take almost 300 years to make up the additional $800,000.
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