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It's winter--how about soups! You can make veggie soup or meat-based soup, but you don't have to use a whole lot of meat in the soup.
Also not a birth professional, but a mom who's done a ton of reading on the subject. Quote: she had the fetal monitor around her belly, every time she'd have a contraction his heartbeat would "stop", My first thought when I read this is to wonder, did the baby's heart actually stop during contractions or did the monitor just lose the beat during contractions? The latter seems a lot more likely. Quote: This was all due to the cord being...
Quote: Originally Posted by treemom2 The seed paper sounds like fun. . .do you have a link or can you tell me how to make it? The swaps/gifts will be for 150 girl scouts (age 5-18) and their troop leaders (adults). http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf71713276.tip.html#69336729
I think if you serve people some good "heavy" food with good fats (maybe make some guacamole, too) nobody will miss the animal products. They may not even notice!
It's not in theaters yet--I'm not sure it's even been filmed yet. The article just talks about plans to make the movie.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lydiah I cant tell the difference between vagan cake and normal cake. I would make a vegan cake and not say its vegan. Have a fruit/veggie platter with dip, some potato/nacho chips, and since its adults, make some crock pot chilli. Vegan chilli is awesome. I agree. Just don't tell people. Fruits, veggies, chips and salsa, pita and hummus--that's what I would serve at a party and I'm not even veggie!
I did the math once and we save between 40-60% by buying ingredients and making bread ourselves. We do tend to eat a little more of homemade bread, though (since it's so much yummier), so maybe it's really more like 30-50%.
Is there any way the activity could be something like making food or toiletries packages for the needy? If it has to be something crafty, what about making seed paper with vegetable seeds?
I'm so sorry your father has been given such a poor prognosis. I might suggest something by CS Lewis. He was an intellectual who converted from atheism to Christianity as an adult. He also lost his wife to cancer.
Quote: If you're a night owl use the evenings for your me time & sleep in until the kids wake ya. Work out and shower as soon as the kids are down. Set your coffeemaker up so all you have to do is push a button to get it going in the morning--or get a pot with a timer so it will start itself! Set the table and get everything ready for making breakfast in the morning. Try making meals that can be prepared ahead of time, such as crock-pot oatmeal,...
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