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Hello, I"m sorry if this has been discussed before, but I have a question about the MMR vax. I'm 8 weeks pg and not immune to rubella. My friend's son just received the MMR vax a few days ago and we're supposed to get together this Friday. Should I be concerned? I've read that the MMR sheds. I just don't want to take any chances. My own DD doesn't get vaxes thanks to this forum. Thanks in advance! Sandra
I use Haute Pocket seconds and love them. I also use Mommy's Touch one size and I think they're great too. You can get HP seconds for $7.50 each. They don't come with an insert though. http://www.mtdiaperstore.com/shop/pr...roducts_id=231
Thanks for all the information and advice! I also told him I don't eat frozen dinners. lol. He told me fetal tissue being in vaxes is the same as eating chicken! He couldn't tell me any of the chemicals in any of the vaxes he wanted to give my DD. I am so glad I didn't give in. I'm really glad I found mothering.com!!!
Hi Everyone, This is my first time posting here, but I've read a lot of the information and have found it very useful. Thank you! Today was my DD's wellness visit with a new ped. (her other ped. left to practice in Chicago.) and I refused all vaccinations. I thought I would refuse and that would be it. Nope! I got a 30 minute lecture on all the horrible diseases my DD could get. The ped. kept showing me pictures on his palm pilot of children with polio, mumps,...
Hi Megin, Would you be interested in FB seconds? www.fuzzibunzseconds.net XL FB seconds are $12.50 without inserts. Sandra
I love Mommy's Touch one size pocket diapers. My DD is long and lean and they fit her perfectly. We've been using them for 8 months with no problems.
I use MT one size diapers exclusively and LOVE them. I've used them for 7 months with no pronblems. I didn't know about them until my DD was 3 months old so I have no idea how well they work on a newborn though. My husband loves them too. There are a million snaps, but I can get a great fit. We have the last 2 versions before the newest design and I think they are both great. We used small FB for the first 3 months, but DD is in the 98th percentile and outgrew the...
Hi Angela, I love pocket diapers. I used small FB exclusively until my DD outgrew the rise (at 3.5 months old) while still on the smallest snap settings. (98th percentile for height) I tried petite and medium FB, but the leg openings were huge on her. The owner of my favorite online diaper store recommended Mommy's Touch one size diapers and I love them. They fit my baby perfectly and I've been using them for 6 months now. They come in every color you could...
My baby is also in the 98th percentile. Have you ever tried garment extenders for her onesies? I also use OS pocket diapers and they work really well for me.
Hi, I love Nicki's Diapers too! She is having a sale on all bumGenius products. 5% off.
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