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I'm very sorry.
DD1: 40 weeks, 4 days-9 lbs 11 oz. DD2: 41 weeks, 2 days-9 lbs 6 oz. I charted with both so EDDs were accurate.
I was thinking the same thing. This is my third pregnancy also. We have 2 girls. I didn't start getting sick until 6 weeks, 6 days with both of them. This time...I threw up the day my period was due and I've felt horrible ever since. I have no idea if this one's a boy or girl so I'm curious what others have to say.
I'm very sorry.
EDD: October 21 Name: Sandra Age: 33 Location: NW Indiana How long it took you to get your BFP: Surprise What number child is this for you: #3. I also had an ectopic pregnancy in 2005. Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): DH-Married 10 years, DD1 is 3 1/2, DD2 is 1 1/2, 2 cats. Baby's Sex (hopes or guesses): Not yet. Names you like (& are willing to share): No idea. Birth Plans/Preferences: VBAC Blog, website or the like: Nope
I'm a Dental Hygienist and I've worked in dental offices for 15 years and a patient's vax status is something I've never inquired about. We don't need to know that information. Good luck finding a Dentist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fujiko ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I just bought that same carseat from Target a week ago. :*( Doesn't Target give you a refund for the difference if you buy something and then it goes on sale? I think it may only be within 7 days or so. You may want to call and ask.
We had absolutely no problems. I voted for the first option.
I switched peds 3 times b/c I was harassed about vaxes. I finally decided to call each doctor (who accepted my ins.) in my area and ask his/her receptionist if the doctor would respect my decision to not vax my 2 girls. I didn't want to waste my time with any more doctors who were pro vax. I lucked out and found the perfect doctor with the first phone call. I told the receptionist I didn't vax and was looking for a doctor who would be ok with that and not harass me...
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