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I had good luck with freezing them and taking them before bed.
Hello Everyone, I finally mustered the courage to leave my extremely controlling and emotionally abusive husband. But I don't feel my attorney is doing a very good job. She has missed some important details, for example I learned of a critical hearing exactly two hours before it was scheduled to happen and being unprepared wound up compromising rather than taking the stand and she has been slow getting back to me. So far no permanent decisions, so there is still...
Hi Everyone, Long story but I have had a number of issues with high FSH/early menopause in the past but have been very blessed and have some how beat the odds (I have done TCM & acupuncture & would be happy to share details with anyone who is interested) we have two precious sons. We'd love to have a third baby, I actually am cycling now, very irregularly, and prefer not to get my hormone levels checked (why get depressed when they fluctuate so much anyway?) I suspect...
Hi, Has anyone ever had an extended luteal phase but not been PG? This month's chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/21f62c is confusing me. I am nervous because of some early menopause issues I had a couple of years ago, not that that resembled this, but just hoping not to have more problems. Also, has anyone ever heard of Vitex? I want to try taking it, I am not sure how much. In addition to prenatals I am also taking Royal Jelly, Fish Oil & CQ...
Hi everyone, Just wanted to say in case you haven't seen this book she has a good chapter for 35+. After my first son was born I was told I was in early menopause at 37 (long story but was in clinical menopause) but did TCM & acupuncture and had #2 at 38. We've since moved and I have to dig my book out but I think some of her nutritional hints & supplements (royal jelly, cQ10 in addition to the prenatals) helped. Though she goes a bit crazy with the food...
Hi Can I add myself to the 40+ TTC? I am actually 39 and 9.5 months, but that's technicality... Thanks Maura
Clara, Congrats on the birth of precious Gianna! What a great name! Maura
Congratulations!!! It's so great to hear about all of these wonderful babies!
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