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felting can occurr with any type of friction - it is what the fibers want to do. HTH
My sister has this machine as well. When I go to visit, my diapers STINK for a few weeks afterwards and it's because it uses so little water. I usually do a full cold cycle and a full hot cycle but admittedly the last time I went to her house I bought a pack of disposibles as ruby had a rash so I thought I would just forego making her diapers worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by mmacdo10 It will allow hard working WAHMs to actually make a profit on diaper sales instead of working for pennies. You are talking about the retailers I assume. But what about WAHM's who sew inserts and *don't* give them away for free (not that I have a problem with the ones who do)?
Well my stastics are far from scientific I just threw that number out there HOWEVER I would be surprised if it were less as I feel it is a generous number. From spending 4 years on the boards it seems that most prefer hemp or cotton over microterry. Hopefully, for the sake of MOE, their decision to put themselves and their retailers ahead of the CONSUMER, it won't bite them in the butt. Quote: Originally Posted by AllyRae I'm curious as...
I find it disheartening that mother of eden would make this decision to appease *some* retailers because this decision affects all of their consumers. I think it is a poor business move. At least 50% of the consumers do not like or use the microterry inserts and will be forced to buy them or choose a different diaper. If the reason is to appease retailers and "even the playing field", why not put it in the wholesale contract the MSRP *and* free inserts can not be...
I'm glad to hear there is a continental place to buy feet! I was just about to buy half eggs (and still might for trial and comparison purposes). I don't think drilling would be too hard.
oh boy that is adorable! Love it tami is a sweetheart
good info thank you!
oooooh that kiwi pie MUNKI brementown musicians set rocks my world!
I'm thinking of wool stuffing, cotton knit skin, string for head making and stockinettes Thanks so much
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