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Well, not really. :) Any place I can think of is a chain hotel and therefore probably not helpful. If you decide to stay outside of Boston, you could stay in Natick or Dedham which are about 30 min away without traffic from the Boston Logan airport  and have several hotels near the highway.   Natick is off of the Mass Pike/ I-90 which is a straight shot to the airport so that would be fairly easy to get to and it's not too far off of I-95 which I imagine you will be...
The book "Not Just Friends" by Shirley P. Glass could be helpful for you. I highly recommend it. If both you and your husband read it, especially at the same time it may help.  
I just wanted to add that private student loans are the worst type of debt you can have because most of the time they are not able to be discharged in bankruptcy. They will follow you to your grave.   If you could use credit cards or get a personal loan, that may be better for you in the future.   Good luck!
Just wanted to jump in and say I don't think that credit card companies can take money from IRAs or 529 savings plans to repay debt.   You may end up having to declare bankruptcy to get rid of all the debt and start again once you are separated.  
You can check out www.fueleconomy.gov to see which minivans are the most fuel efficient. They are listed under Trucks for some reason and you can also look up specific ones.   http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/best-worst.shtml   Good luck!  
Suze Orman recommends having 20 times your income. She also recommends going to SelectQuote.com to get the best price for your term life insurance.   If your DH died, do you think you could still work enough to get 40% of the income? If not, then it would be good to insure him for 20 * 100% income. It's 20 times the income so that you can live off the interest and not touch the principal at all.   For yourself, you could insure yourself for 40% of income * 20...
My DS who is 4 loves books. I'll have a nice stash of new books from the library for him to look at in the morning. Doesn't always work, but when it does, it's great.
The Money Class by Suze Orman is a great, simple book.   Good luck!  
We're out in MetroWest so we don't have any recommendations, but the way we found ours was going to open houses and seeing how we liked the realtors.   Good luck!
Dr. Robin Ellasberg in Framingham, MA is great. 508-875-1234
New Posts  All Forums: