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A dear friend of mine here in Eugene, Oregon has a sister-in-law in the Atlanta area who was just diagnosed with Leukemia yesterday and started Chemo today. She has a new baby, just 4 weeks old and now will be away from him and in the hospital for at least 3 weeks while receiving treatments for this aggressive cancer. My friend, who has her own 5 month old, is trying to figure out a way to get to Atlanta to help with nursing the new baby. She has 3 other kids here in...
We really love Patterson Preschool. This is my daughters second year and it has been great. The teacher is wonderful and it's a great Co-op community. http://www.pattersonpreschoolcooperative.org/
I would love to get together for a playdate! We have lived in Eugene about a year and a half and would love to get to know more families. I have two daughters 4 and 2 and a little one arriving in April.
I'm still looking!! Anyone have any suggestions?
Welcome to Eugene! It's a wonderful community. I am 18 weeks and my midwife is Amanda Moore- http://www.floweroflifemidwifery.com/index.html I highly recommend her!
Anyone have any good recommendations for a Doula in the Eugene area?
Lovely Eugene, Oregon
I am going to go get some Brazil Nuts! I'll try anything. I am 9 weeks and am still throwing up all day everyday. I seem to be able to keep down bagels and cream cheese once in a while. I was sick the WHOLE time with my first two. Now, with a 4 year old and a 23 month old, even though I feel awful I can't really do much but charge through it. My 23 mo. old went into the bathroom today and pretended to gag and throw up in the toilet. Nice.
EDD: April 27th Name: Quincy Dh/So name: Tre Age: 31 Other Children: Iris~ 4 & Violet 22 months, still nursing Any Furbabies: 2 springer spaniels~ Lilly and Sage Any names you are thinking of: Must be a flower if it's another girl! Are you secretly hoping for a specific gender: a boy would be a fun change.. State: Oregon Anything else? Very excited and VERY nauseous!
Welcome to Eugene! I have only been here about 7 months and really love it. I have a 3 yr old and 1 yr old DD's who could really use some more play dates, though! We would love to meet up anytime. We live of River Road near the Beltline, it's so easy to get around here, we could meet up anywhere.
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