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Quote: Originally Posted by KailuaMamatoMaya Congrats from another long-labor-hypnobabies-mama-to-a-Maya! WOW! How neat! I gotta say, though, I loved Hypnobabies for the pregnancy and for the first 3/4 of labor. But after 8 cm, I couldnt breathe down anesthesia if my life depended on it! Which it felt like it did! woooweeee! Drugs sounded SO GOOD, but daddy and midwife were so supportive and got me through it.:
Quote: Originally Posted by YumaDoula Congrats! Wow, med-free with a 30h labor? -- you're a champ! lol! Thank you! Although I'm more inclined to think I was naive and crazy! It was great to be able to give birth standing up and have daddy catch her, but hold crap nobody told me how exhausting and, well, PAINFUL, it would be. Ummm..won't be doing that again.:
Quote: Originally Posted by Jennbee Congratulations! And I love her name : very much like my daughter's name too. Does she have a traditional name too? Thank you! She will have a tradish name. It has to be chosen for her (and we'll probably keep it secret. )
After 30 hrs of labor, Maya joined us at 12:12 pm Sunday, October 28th. She is 7lb 4oz and a perfect beautiful baby girl. Hers was a natural childbirth (using Hypnobabies) at a very supportive hospital with the help of a midwife. Thank you OCT DDC for all your support and humor and love. You really helped this first time mama through a beautiful pregnancy and birth! Maya Roanhorse Baby girl 7 lb 4oz 19 3/4 IN Born Oct 28th,...
Wonderful!!! I've been thinking about you, after all the hospital drama you had to go through. Yay!!! : Welcome Clementine!
And another one still here. EDD Monday, Oct 29th. Really hoping she comes this weekend, though. Been having mild contractions and I think I sprung a leak last night. But, still no baby. come on out, Baby!
Quote: Originally Posted by gethane Well, I'm on my way to join you all. LSAT scores came out today. I did very well. At the very top of my practice range. I'll be going to law school somewhere, that's for sure. Probably with a full ride scholarship even . Woohoo! Congrats!! all that worry and you rocked it! : Let us know where you end up!
I've got blood pressure on the mind, so I'd ask if your blood pressure is OK. Any headaches or change in vision? Take care and be careful. Maybe you just overdid it?
Yay Hypnobabies! I'm doing it too, and I love hearing all the good birthing stories. Congrats mama and welcom Xianya! I LOVE the name and the spelling! :
Congratulations!!! You are inspiring, the way you handled that nurse!! I gotta remember that when it's my time. What a biotch! "I don't do crowns." Puh-leeze. Welcome little Stellina! :
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