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I was just thinking about them today! Yes, I worry about them, too.
Every time I see FTM, I think Female-to-Male transexual, so I had no idea what you were talking about.: And didn't know what an LO was, either. A JLO, yes. A LO, no.: Ok, anyway, my baby dropped around my 36 wk, according to the midwife. She is engaged and ready, and I believe it by the waddle I got going on and the uncomfortable feeling in my uterus. It feels...full and low. I have a friend who with her first one never dropped, until hours into labor. So..not...
I'm the same way. Wiping bloody snot every other time I go to the bathroom. I was looking for one big "plop", but I don't think it's happening.
Congrats and welcome Asher! :
woohoo! Congrats! :. Let us know her name when you have one. The birth sounds great!
Still here. Not due until almost Halloween, but seriously expecting Baby to make an earlier appearance. Things have been moving along, so we'll see!
Quote: Originally Posted by Ammaarah I had the same experience and I have a perfect 2-year-old now. There is some speculation that Met in the 3rd trimester could be linked to a higher rate of pre-eclampsia, so discuss that with your midwife/OB and also maybe check out studies on PubMed. I've also seen studies that find no link. I will take Met for at least the first trimester next time around and will probably stay on it the full time. Thanks...
I really wanted a "This baby feels like it's coming out my butt!" mood, because that's about all I got. I settled for "tired".
Quote: Originally Posted by bellymama hey mama's! what do you all think about AIM and Leonard Peltier? are you at all politically active in native rights movements? I work in Indian Law and am very concerned with Native Rights, but not involved with AIM or Peltier or anything like that. There are a lot more contemporary issues facing tribes today that, IMO, we need to be concerned with. Some of the work I have done is helping inmates with...
I'm 38 wks and have stayed on Metformin the whole pregnancy. I tried going off in the second tri, but could feel the difference in my energy levels (and processing of sugar) so went back on it after a few days. I'm not diabetic (and passed the GB test just fine), but am/was taking it for PCOS as well. Baby is fine and healthy and no complications at all the whole pregnancy.
New Posts  All Forums: