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True!!!! The person below me gets to go on a date with her husband/partner/significant other this weekend.
sun and rain
When ds #1 was newborn, someone said I was a human pacifier, which I was, and was quite proud of, so I started calling it "binky" (as in, what some people call pacifiers), then ds ended up calling it "binks". So now we have "binks".
I have struggled with this lately, too. But I recently realized something. Seems off-topic but bear with me. When I was pregnant, I was considering cloth diapering. Mom said "why would you do that?!" dh said "that's crazy, you won't be able to handle all the extra work!" I didn't know anyone personally who cloth diapered. I had no idea how to get started, or what to do. I looked online, read a lot about it but was just overwhelmed and had no support. So even...
Maybe you could try going to the Maya Wrap website. You can download video there that shows how to wear the sling. http://www.mayawrap.com/n_video.php Good luck!
I had the same problem when I first got my sling. I think the best thing would be to find someone who can show you how to adjust it. I learned from someone at a La Leche League meeting. There are always a lot of babywearing mamas there. If you have a group near you I would suggest calling the leader to ask if she thinks there would be people there who could show you, then go to the next meeting. It's kind of funny because it seems so simple and obvious to me now, but...
Welcome to the boards!, from a fellow tandem nurser
I'm so sorry you're going through a hard time. I think growing up can be more stressful and scary to our little one than we realize. Maybe he is feeling anxiety about taking the step to pooping on the potty and that is causing the sleep and behavior issues, too. My ds was afraid to poop on the potty. He peed fine, but asked for a diaper to poop. He even accidentally pooped on the floor once or twice while he and I were arguing over whether he could put on a diaper...
I just learned how to do a back carry with my maya wrap! Ds didn't like it the first time, but he was fine the second time, until I bonked his head on the side of a doorway (bad mama!) He looks so cute because he leans over to see where we're going so you just see his little head peeking out from behind me. I usually carry him on my back in the backpack, just never thought to use the sling. I should have tried it long ago. It's so much more comfortable!
I know what you mean. I sometimes feel like the baby clutter is taking over my small house. For my first ds I registered for a bunch of stuff, then found out that I didn't need, or he didn't like half of it. I think it's smart of you to want to wait and see what you might need before you go buying every gadget made. That said, if they really want to buy a big ticket item, how about a camera, or a video camera, or a nice printer to print out all those digital...
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