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What a great thread! I will have to print this out and save the ideas. If you have any permanent markers, you could even decorate the apron or cape with ds's name. I know my 3 yo ds likes to see his name on things. I think I'm going to go rummage through my closet for old clothes to make a cape out of!
I think there is truth in both sbf and Elana's take on this. I agree that a woman's chest should be considered as (un)private as we consider a man's chest. That is more true in Europe, but sadly here in the U.S. we haven't adopted that attitude to breasts yet. The more people are exposed to it, the more normal it becomes, as I mentioned in an earlier post about my fil. However, I also think that the in-your-face approach may lead people to dismiss us as cooky radicals....
Melda, I am sitting here laughing imagining my guests sitting in my living room with blankets over their heads! : For my first ds, my fil would leave the room whenever I nursed. Now with ds #2, he will sit and have a conversation with me while I nurse! He really came around. Maybe your IL's will come around in time, too.
When you think about it, anything we do - babywearing, co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding - is mainstream somewhere in the world!
Great gift idea! I'm going to steal it!
I hope my ds's never ask to be in boy scouts, because I would have a problem with it. I hope to get them involved in CISV (Children's International Summer Village), which is not a parallel to scouting, it has an emphasis on learning about and getting to know children from around the world, with the ultimate goal being peace. Has anyone here had their kids involved in that? Sometimes I think kids recreation is too adult-directed these days, anyway. But that is...
I birthed totally natural and ended up the most comfortable position was on my side, even though I'd been saying for nine months "this time I'm going to squat". However I didn't need a "pal", I used my doula's arm (maybe she wished I had one of those things, I probably left marks!). I hate the word pal, too. Women don't call each other pal, do they? It sounds like a guy thing.
Don't want to change the subject, but while we're talking about annoying characters, I'd give the award to Lofty. That truck would benefit from some anti-anxiety meds! Okay, now back to analyzing Sir Topham.......
What she said And also just wanted you to know that cerebral palsy could have a very wide range of effects. I've known some children who've been diagnosed with a mild form of CP but no one would notice unless they were told (slight difference in muscle tone, very slight limp, etc.). I know it is still scary, though, to think that anything might be wrong. Remember that doctors usually think of the worst case scenario and try to rule it out even if it is not highly...
Just wanted to tell you I made the zuccine-carrot casserole tonight and it was yummy! Thanks again! I'll be taking it to a new mom this week, but I think I'll add chicken because they're not vegetarians.
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