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Thanks, Ann Marie!
Ann Marie, do you have time to post your zuccini-carrot casserole recipe? It sounds good! Also, the "Whole Foods for the Whole Family" cookbook has a good recipe for healthy oatmeal cookies in it.
This past Monday I took to a new mom: chicken-broccolli lasagna roll-ups fruit salad garlic bread some strawberry cake (okay, that was left over from Mother's Day) I also like to make homemade chicken-pot pie. It travels easy, freezes well and has lots of veggies in it. Great thread idea! I have two more new moms from church I wanted to take meals to, so this thread comes at a good time for me!
Every passage has its beacon. Every shadow has its light. We must therefore keep watch, my friend, keep watch. -Captain Brenner Tate
I wanted pretty much everything you wanted (except the bath part), and everything turned out pretty well. I used Birthing From Within and really loved it. I also attribute my hospital birth going smoothly to having a doula and a great, great midwife. And I feel like I was pretty confident in my decisions, so when I told the nurses something, they didn't question me. Maybe my confidence came through in my voice. I wanted to labor at home as long as I could, and believe...
Elaine holding George's toupee: "I don't like this thing...............And here's what I'm doing with it!!!" (throws it out the window) George's mother ends up in the hospital after walking in on George "treating his body like an amusement park" Anything with the Costanzas or Putty, and all of Kraemer's entrances! : : ag
I thought the halftime show was a horrible thing for kids to see, luckily my ds was asleep by that time. He did, however watch the first half with his dad, and we were surprised at how violent the commercials were. The video game commercials were the worst! We had to have the remote ready at all times during commercials.
I'd bet the % of natural births on those shows is even less than in the general population because women who educate themselves on birthing naturally know that birthing would be harder to do in front of a camera crew of strangers with bright lights on them! Talk about pressure to perform!
That's interesting that your dad said that, because my mom said something similar when she told me about the article. And she just so happened to start asking me that same evening whether my sister "really" needs a doula for her upcoming birth, and why, etc. Even though I had a doula for the birth of my two ds's and she seemed to be really on board with that. Just goes to show how much weight ideas carry in print, especially in a publication like the Wall Street...
Anyone see the article about doula's on the front page of the Wall Street Journal recently? Sad. It was very negative, and I thought condescending to doulas. Made it sound like they are the doctor's arch enemies and convince women to make unsafe, against-doctors-orders decisions. A menace to safe birthing practices here in the U.S., is the feeling that came across. I mean, practically every sentence said something negative, or put things in a negative light.
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