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My dd : loves : the Erin Hunter Warrior books. I suggested writing to her, (we know she is actually 3 people) but I can't find an address. Anyone able to help? Thank you!
We have an 8 seater and I often have my 3 kids across. They can help each other out and are within my reach. We have 2 seats folded down in the back and keep one up. Honestly, I feel I use my Sienna like a truck sometimes with all that back space. It is great for longer road trips when you can divide the kids up and everyone can have a window!
I saw a bag of frozen okra at the store the other day and bought it. I have never eaten okra in my life and thought it would be fun to try. What does it taste like? Can anyone give me an idea of how to use it?
Yea! some new tings to try out!
The audio version of the books is definitely worth listening to!
I really have no idea what cream of tartar is, why is it "cream"? And why does it go into my play-doh recipe?
sonds good. Anyone know how to make a good cornmeal crust instead?
I was going to make up a chart this weekend and have separate catagories for fruit/veggie/drink/protein source/snack and stick it on the frig as a reference for ideas, and hopefully for my kids to add their ideas.
I was just coming her to see if there was anything on them. I don't have cable, so I have been watcing youtube also.
I'll second Hermann Hesse, especially Demian.
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