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Try giddygiddy.com. Good luck!
"My son's genitals are not up for discussion."   or   "Why are you so concerned with my son's genitals?"    
Does anyone have any experience with the Britax Diplomat? Any clue if it would fit my needs?   Thanks! Jillian
Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I'll give 'em all a look!   Cheers! Jillian
My midwife (CPM) is also a doula. She is FANTASTIC. If you PM me, I'll get your her info.   Also-I'm a Rogers Park mama! We're near Pratt and Ashland. Are you close by?
Hi Mamas,   I'm due with my second child in early July. The husband and I figure it's about time to start acquiring the necessities for this little one, and since we need a new car seat, I thought I'd ask you all for a recommendation.   We live in Chicago and do not own a car. We are a part of a car sharing service and rent one of those cars, on average, 3-4 times a month (though hopefully that will get cut down a bit). We rent/borrow a car for trips to visit our...
You seem to be right. My budget says differently, but perhaps I made a mistake. I know they were $86 when my family moved to the city in '08, but then the fares went up, and so did (at least I thought), the CTAPlus Card monthly fee. Hmmm.
WCM-CTA monthly passes are at least $98. It may be higher now... we haven't paid for a monthly pass in at least 6 months.
Also, the bumps are neither itchy nor painful, according to my son. Thanks again.
Hi everyone,   My three and a half year old son is just getting over a cold that was accompanied by a fever (a bit warmer than low-grade, but not worrisome, and certainly not enough to slow him down). A day or two ago I noticed a few red bumps on his forearm. They look almost like bug bites, but they're not. They not inflamed looking, nor do they look like they're pus-filled. They're just little, hard, red bumps. A few minutes ago, my husband alerted me to the fact...
New Posts  All Forums: