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I'm pretty sure that it's hormonal -- I had a c/s, and sex was still painful for me until about 7 or 8 mos. pp (even with lube, etc.). I hope you feel better soon.
beautiful! congratulations!
I always called it Boobie, but when ds started talking he called it it tee-tee, with a really cute inflection, going up at the end, like a question. So now I call it tee-tee too.
I don't think I can answer all of your questions, but I can share my own experience. When my ds, who is now 2.5 yrs, was around 1 he stopped drinking the milk that I pumped for him. However, he still, to this day, nurses like crazy when I'm home. We offered cow's milk to him, but he didn't really drink it. We just made sure that he was getting plenty of water, and a good, balanced diet. I still have plenty of milk for ds - I know there's lots of milk because he loves...
...when you shout and wave at the garbage truck, even when you're on your lunchbreak, downtown, in a suit, with no kiddos around.
My son, who is 2 now, says "those?" when he wants to nurse, so technically he doesn't have a word for nursing (since he uses 'those' in other contexts as well). He also doesn't say Mama, or Mommy, or Mom, or anything to signify me.
We've taken the Roundabout on a few flights (an MD80 and several 737s). My issue is that it put ds's feet right on the seat in front of us and he ends up kicking the whole flight. Next time we won't be taking the car seat. Also, if you don't have the car seat, you can lift up the armrest and kiddo can lay across your lap more easily.
Quote: Originally Posted by Himom My 2 year old takes 1 nap a day from 1-3PM. She goes to bed at night at 8:30PM and wakes up at 6AM. This is my ds's schedule exactly (he'll be 2 on 12/22).
When my ds transitioned from two naps to one nap he went a few days with no nap (and actually a day with three naps). Perhaps that's what is happening with your ds.
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