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We were in a somewhat similar situation in my family while I was growing up. My Mom kicked out my older bro's biodad, and then met my dad. They got married and dad adopted brother. They kept it a secret because my Mom always felt that she didn't want my brother to feel like he wasn't fully a part of the family, or that our dad wasn't really his dad. It was always a half-hidden, never discussed secret, which ended up making my brother feel like there was something wrong...
My ds once pooped out a recognizable piece of goodnight moon. But my favorite poop story (oh my, I have a favorite poop story??) is this: I took off ds's diaper while he was standing up, thinking it was just pee. It was a poop, so I was distracted for a moment and he took off running. So I took off running after him and as he turned the corner into his bedroom a whole piece of corn dropped out of his crack.
We bought a ride-on firetruck for ds at about 9 mos., and although he couldn't walk yet, he was able to ride it around the house. I was shocked! He's loved dolls since about 11 or 12 mos., started using crayons at about 15 mos. and his kid table at about 18 mos. I highly recommend a doll stroller for a 1st b-day present. It seems to be a hit with every kid I know (boys and girls).
Ugh. Those days can be torturous. Sometimes I have to consciously remind myself that it's not the end of the world. Tomorrow is another day!
I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your brother.
Our crib has been good for one thing: a clean-laundry basket. IMO the best option is a King-sized bed, but as you don't feel that's an option, I would go with a twin side car. Good luck!
I found that the worst part of going back to work was the anticipation. It's difficult to be away from my ds during the day, but it hasn't actually brought about the apocalypse like I thought it would. It's great that your dh will be with her for the summer, I think that will ease your transition. Pumping was my favorite part of the day when I first went back to work, I could just sit and focus on actively providing for my ds -- I could look at pictures of him, think...
New Posts  All Forums: