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I'm in the Corpus Christi area; Portland to be exact
Thank you for sharing!
Could it be lactose overload? I noticed you mentioned hyperlactation in your OP. Here's a wonderful article of lactose intolerance (primary & secondary) and lactose overload.   http://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bfinfo/lactose.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.Music I read somewhere that there was an enzyme or something in breastmilk that helped prevent cavities. Lactoferrin I'm a Registered Dental Assistant (currently a SAHM). and that is most definitely a blanket statement! Most dentists (& assistants) do NOT know the difference between formula and breastmilk. Breastmilk contains lactoferrin, which helps fight tooth decay! Bottle feeding is different than nursing...
My DD does this to me all the time. Take this evening for instance. I took a shower with both kids to kill two birds with one stone. After I bathed, I turned the bath on to play with them. DD took one glimpse of me, topless, and made a beeline for my breast
I must be one of the women it's working for I would consider myself fertile, as both of my kids were conceived in our first month trying. I am nearly 10 months post pardum and AF still has not returned yet, and we have yet to use any protection since my DD was born.
My DD got her first two teeth within a day of eachother, at 6 months. We've had a handful of biting incidents, but none in the past couple months (she's nearly 10 months old). I've found that she only bit me when she was full/done nursing. When she was latched on correctly and actively nursing she never bit. The times she bit, I would firmly say "Ouch! No biting", unlatch her, and sit her upright facing out. If she didn't fuss, then I knew she was done eating. If she did...
I do not have any scars, but my brother has two on his face and a couple on his back.
What a beautiful letter, Mama. It makes me want to go pick my baby girl up out of her bed and nurse her just because I'm so afraid of the day she decides she wants to no more.
I'm so glad to read these stories. I'm in the very same boat. My sex drive is nil. Non-existent. I feel horribly for DH because he tries so hard to be understanding, but I know he misses the closeness we used to ALWAYS share. I try to be intimate with him atleast once a week. I never WANT to have sex, but I'm always glad, afterwards, that I followed through with it.
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