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Sloopy - means tired in a droopy kind of way, often said with a bit of a whine and a request for food "Mom, I'm so sloopy, can you get me a blanket and something to eat." Rememberies - another word for memories "I have such good rememberies of when I was little" said the five year old.
Lost my post but my best tip is:   Only look at something disgusting once.  Be it jelly on the counter, food in the sink or a toilet bowl that needs a swish.  If I walk by it once, I will walk by it a thousand times.  Just do it because otherwise everything starts to feel gross and then if you are like, you just get overwhelmed and do nothing.
My DD can be a very particular eater and she started refusing items that she had willingly eaten and enjoyed many times.  It was very frustrating so one day we made a list of all the foods she likes (not including candy and other junk). We agreed that if I made a meal with items on her list, she had to eat it, she could not suddenly decide she didn't food on her list although we could add to her list.  I keep the list posted inside of a kitchen cabinet.  Although she is...
Well said.
I have been on Synthroid for about 15 years. My endo prefers the synthetic but not the generic. It has always worked for me. I started feeling better right away so I suspect your dose is not high enough. I felt like I came back to the land of the living once I started on the meds.
It is no easy to judge but so hard to know the truth. DH and I were out to dinner with the kids. We each handed them a phone to play on. Looking on, you might feel "sad" for my kids. Of course, you wouldn't know that we were about day 10 of vacationing and doing activities with our kids, that we had just spent a long, hot day walking around a historical villiage learning about the 1800's. They were tired and the restaurant didnt have any crayons or activities for kids....
New Hampshire is nice in the summer. You could go to StoryLand which is an amusement park for younger kids. Very clean and family friendly and then you also have plenty of nature around for hikes, swimming etc plus activities like tram rides to the top of mountains. A little something for everyone.
I just downloaded the app for my iPad. I did as much as I could today and it felt good. I am excited if this makes a difference in my house.
I was wondering about that DR advice. I'm down to just 5 percent but is pretax and matched so it seems foolish to stop contributing.
I did it. I took a step. I organized "the box". The one with all the bills and unopened mail. It was a huge task but I was able to file away tons and now at least I can find my bills. My next step is to go through those so I only have one copy each bill. I know for instance that I have many copies of the same medical bill but I have to look closely at the dates of service. From there I can figure out how much debt we have. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I...
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