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A friend of mine has had a few bleeding episodes. They couldn't figure out why, but baby was always fine on ultrasounds. Eventually the hospital technology found a tiny tear in the placenta. They told her most little tears heal on their own, and that she needed to take it easy for a week or so. Just sharing a possibility that didn't mean anything scary for my friend. Wishing you complete wellness and comfort, journeyfan.
I've got it too, 14 years later. Another funny thing is that hair only grows on one side of the incision.
Yay! Thank you so much!
Is there an app for MDC on Android? I miss MDC, but I almost never use my desktop anymore. So I have the BabyCenter app. People are buttholes there! Lol!
Adorable! Congratulations! How are you feeling post-surgery?
You're a superhero, lilacvioletiris!
Lilacvioletiris, you should feel really proud! That's awesome!
lilacvioletiris!!!!!  Any news?  Labor pains? 
Hi herreramoon!  Thank you for sharing your experience.  I'd heard adhesions can cause some cramping as things stretch out.  This will only be my 2nd c-section, but my cousin has had 4.  She's a couple years older than I am.  (I'm 39.)  She said her last 2 c-sections were actually easier to recover from than her first two were!  There used to be a 3 c-section "rule" and some doctors are still (inwardly, at least)  inclined that way, but it's not a rule any more.  The scar...
No idea why my text is so huge! MDC and my phone don't seem to play well.
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