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Try not to worry too much, 6 months feels like a long time, but it's not abnormal.  It took me 15 months to conceive my first, which miscarried, and then 8 months for DS.  Yep, it sucks, but sometimes you just have to keep the faith.
I think being able to breastfeed in recovery is a huge one.  I was lucky to be birthing in NZ, after DS came out he was weighed etc, wrapped and handed to DH.  DH then walked alongside me to recovery carrying him, and when I was settled they started to get him latched on.  It was lovely.
As for post-partum, I did blood tests for 3 days pp, then was cleared to stop.  I was supposed to do the GTT at 6 weeks, but like someone said, it's so hard to make the time!  I didn't do it until 6 months when I got chased up, and now they want me to test yearly.  
  What a sad experience for those women.  Where I gave birth (with GD) we actually don't have nurseries anymore, and they promote breastfeeding right away, and there was no issue with DS's blood sugar tests.  I hope you can get those hours to be as right for your family as you can,    
Yep, absolutely.  I had GD, and wasn't able to control it with diet or metformin, so I needed insulin.  I think in the end you can try your hardest and things still go in the other direction, so don't worry too much.  Even with the insulin, it wasn't too bad.  It held me really accountable to eat healthy, which was great!
I'm sorry you are feeling so bad about your c-section :( I really hate hearing people wonder if they have "failed" because of their c-section, and I say this as someone who was induced (or attempted!) for 4 days before a c-section, 4 doses of gel and I didn't dilate a bit!  But I don't think I failed, and I would never think anyone else did too.    Do we ever judge ourselves for other medical issues?  Do we fail if we can't pass gallstones by ourselves?  Do we fail...
How funny about the names!!  Sounds like calling the mental health team is a good idea, good to have lots of support wrapped around you right now.  I hope it goes well!
I'm sorry, that sounds so tough.  I had some horrible thoughts over christmas, and they really shake you up. Can you go and see a Dr or a counseller?  Are you open to taking medication?  I know that anti-depressants have really helped me in the past, and would be my first choice of treatment to get everything sorted.   I hope things get better for you soon.
My c-section was semi-planned; I was induced and after 4 days - nothing!  No dilation at all, I think my Bishops score was 1.  So by the time we got to the fourth day, I was ready for the c-section.  I didn't have tons of notice, about an hour or so.   Mine was a great experience!  They had trouble placing the epidural, but after that it was smooth sailing.  I didn't get to hold DS while I was on the operating table because of the BP monitor on my arm, but DH did...
Wow, I would be seriously annoyed at DP at this point!  He's telling you he won't *allow" your mother in your own home???  Not acceptable, IMO.   Yes, your mum made a stupid mistake.  My mum put my bouncer on a table and I fell off onto my head at 3 months old - totally preventable and stupid - should she have then been cut out of my life?  People make mistakes, kids get injured.  It's awful and it's often preventable, but make the changes you need to with your mum...
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