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We are aiming to save/EF (these two are in the same account) invest/retire/college fund 40% of DH's income this year. So far this year, we're at 50%, but that will change this month (meaning April) because I have some unexpected dental expenses (molar root canal) that will cost $600 *after* insurance pays its part. We may have to readjust our expectations if our daughter is accepted at the pre-school we applied to. It's a Spanish Immersion school, and that will run...
I'm in greentree. I have a 2.5 year old daughter. I work 3 days a week, but, I'm usually off thurs/fri if you want to meet up. (Heck, I'm free today after about 12...)
Nope. One and done. I loathe babies, and have no desire to go through that again. I love having an almost pre-schooler, though.
If she's caring for the child in your home, she's considered an employee of yours, and NOT an independent contractor. I'll go find the IRS stuff for you http://www.irs.gov/faqs/faq/0,,id=199649,00.html http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/...=97877,00.html http://www.irs.gov/publications/p926/ar02.html#d0e100 (I'm a nanny....)
Frankly, my first thought would be to keep track of all my expenses (a budget) and figure out the wiggle room in that. Then plan from there. I'm not trying to be harsh. If you know right now you have $100 after everything is accounted for, how will you plan to use that? Do you cloth diaper? Do you think you'll need to supp. with formula? Will you have an emerg. fund built up by then for things such as unexpected medical co-pays or whatnot? Is there a thrift...
Are you willing to do online coops? Tierra foods has things like nuts, raisins, granolas, trail mix, etc., and there's usually a coop floating around (there's one right now I'm in on, actually) I love frontier, if you know what you're looking for....coffee, burt's bees. Amazon is having a sale on Annie's Mac and Cheese this month, btw
Congrats Kristen! DH made the E-7 list. Whoo-hoo!!!! Right before 10 years (which he says is good). Wheee!!!! He thinks he'll actually *be* promoted in July/August.
Bumping for today and tomorrow.
Are you sure you can even do anything as far as Abrielle? According to this website: http://www.divorcenet.com/states/massachusetts/mafaq_24 After 60 days, the acknowledgment is as binding as a court judgment of paternity and has the same legal force and effect. However, parents can challenge the acknowledgment (ie...the birth certificate in this case), but only in court, only within one year of the date both parents sign , and only on limited grounds of fraud, duress...
I don't think it's crazy or irresponsible IF you are out of debt, have an emergency fund, are funding/utilizing a retirement plan, etc. I have a MIL who loves to go to Canada to gamble every once in a while, and she takes extra money that has been set aside for this purpose. Or, when I lived on the rez, I'd go and play bingo every once in a while (our school ran bingo). However, if she (or I) were using thousands of dollars to do this while we languished in high...
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