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Growing Pains China Beach (I LOVED that show - I check every year to see if it's out on DVD) Young Riders Blossom Family Ties I was born in '77 I also liked a lot of the older shows, though...Little House on the Prairie was a FAVORITE...The Muppet Show, Leave it to Beaver, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by sojourn No, not at all, you should not be offended. You pack light. I envy that. I aim to be you one day again. I'm an everthing but the kitchen sink kinda traveler. I try those cutesy banana bags and clutches, pochettes, croissants, and what not, and all those cutesy names and what it comes down to is I need a hobo that has hoffa hidin in it. :: shakes head :: Ah...if it helps, I keep everything in the car...
Quote: Originally Posted by sojourn so you carry a $15 manbag. I thank you for your honesty. Hmmm...should I be offended? I do own a pink corset into which the manbag does not fit (well, I'd expect not...I haven't tried). Does that offset the manbag?
Congrats!!!! Personally, I find Kathleen to be an underappreciated and great name for a girl : Let's get the MDC pool rolling...I predict a due date of March 1, weight of 8lb 2oz
None. I have a wallet. I bought it in a military commissary for about $15 (kit was a decent one on sale)
Er...i put other. I don't own a purse. I have a wallet, and I generally have pockets...or give my ID to my DH to hold (like, at military balls or weddings). honestly, I'm not even sure what a "coach" purse is (I've heard the name, but wouldn't know it).
88 w/46% humidity. 88 my arse. Maybe in the shade. It's hotter than that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kristine233 I'll welcome you guys to my neck of the woods. The scenery near us, Virginia MN (this picture is walking distance from my house): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...bikeride14.jpg oooooh....purty
This is the reservation I used to live and teach on, Zuni Pueblo. It's in New Mexico, south of Gallup. Go here and click on "Zuni Photo Gallery" on the right. It's an entire slideshow, and well worth sitting through (absolutely beautiful) but, if you click on image 41, you'll see Dowa Yalanne (or DY) - Corn Mountain. After the Great Pueblo Revolt of 1680, the Zuni took refuge on top of the mesa until 1692, when a peace was declared. They went back up...
Quote: Originally Posted by tanyam926 I still do it but it now involves heavy breathing and takes so much longer! You still talking about toenails? :
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