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I don't like any Seuss books. Too many made up words and nonsense. I won't let my beginner reader try to read them out loud because the words are so screwy.
I really like the reusable sandwich and snack bags. I hate those plastic ones! I own 2 sandwich bags for my son but I really need some for snacks too. Plus I love the colors available.
I was just wondering if anyone has used it before. We have never done Oak Meadow. We have been doing an eclectic Charlotte Mason curriculum loosely using Winter Promise but I am ready for a change. I think my daughter would really enjoy Oak Meadow.   How much time does it take per day? Do you feel like you need to add anything to the program?   Thanks so much.   Gina
I just wanted to come back here and say we had a great vacation in St. Louis. We ended up staying at Lumiere. It was a really nice hotel with plenty of space for the 5 of us. All the rooms there are suites. We had 2 tvs which my kids enjoyed plus a fold out bed in the living area. There were plenty of food options nearby as well. All the places we visited were fun but City Museum was absolutely the best, most unique museum we had ever seen. My kids would LIVE there if...
One of my hsing friends shared this link: http://weefolkart.com/content/projec...-dough-veggies We are planning to make them soon.
Katie, I can totally understand your troubles with crocheting. I have been knitting for a few years but I just cannot get crochet. I was trying to make square coasters. One turned into a triangle and the other turned into a semi-circle. I have no idea why??? I will check out these video ideas because I want to make several small things and I don't like dpns. Happy knitting!
The tickets had been spoken for.
I have 2 vouchers that expire at the end of this year. Each ticket includes a pick 2 places to visit: Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, or Factory Tour. I can mail them to you.
We are visiting the area later this month and we had planned on camping but my 5 year old has a cast on his arm and we have decided to stay in a hotel instead. Can you recommend a downtown hotel, preferably with a pool and under $200/night? We will be going to a Cardinals game, the zoo, City Museum, and the Science Center. Thanks so much.
A couple times a month we put all school work aside and have game day. We have tons of educational games in our house so we play together as much as they want to. We might also play some computer or Xbox games. We also visit museums and take other field trips, go to the park, etc. for fun.
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