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We call our homeschool: Sunflower Lane Academy Because our last name is Lane and I love sunflowers and usually have them blooming all summer long.
When my 5 year old was born, I had the best midwife: Mary Helen Ayres from Bloomington. I don't know if she is still there however. I cannot say enough good things about her.
Thinking about the zoo since my kids love animals. Is the Imagination Station worth a visit? Also, do you know of any hotels that have nice pools and are kid-friendly. Thanks! Gina homeschooling mom Noah 11, Emma 9, Andrew 5
Hi Penn people My kids are dying to visit Hershey (they heard about it from our neighbors) so we will be driving there from Indiana in a few months. I am thinking we will also visit Gettysburg. I have never visited your state so I am looking for suggestions on other places to visit. My kids are 11, 9, and 5 and we homeschool so educational things are always good. We love zoos and museums. We will be driving on I-70 through Ohio. (not sure what highway we will be on in...
I haven't come across many books that offer patterns for beginners. Most books I have seen start off with an easy scarf or blanket and progress quickly to hard stuff like sweaters and socks. Too scary for this beginning knitter. I love Ravelry like many of the others here and I also had some luck using knitting books written for kids. I figured if a 10 year old can do it so can I! I love Kids Knitting by Melanie Falick.
I also started in January. I have done a bath puppet and a few small bags. Got 1 dishcloth done and working on another. I have plans for some scarves as well and maybe some hats.
It took me awhile but I found the apron backpack: http://vintagechica.typepad.com/the_...to_travel.html There are nice pics but no instructions unfortunately. I am the type of person who needs detailed instructions
Thanks so much!
I saw this in Mothering issue #153. In the article about crafty mamas, there was a picture. I don't have this issue (checked it out from the library) but if anyone knows who the mama was in the picture, please let me know. I would love to email her and ask about the directions for making this cute bag.
I remember seeing a backpack that was made out of a cute vintage apron in a Mothering mag this year but I cannot find any instructions online. Has anyone seen detailed instructions for this or even a tote bag made from an apron???? Thanks.
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