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My name is Gina, stay at home mom with 3 children. Noah is 6, Emma is 4, and Andrew will be 5 months old this week. We are a homeschooling, homebirthing, cloth diapering, vegetarian, sling wearing, extended bfing family. I am a LLL Leader and I have been a Mothering fan since I started subscribing 6 years ago. I hope I can make the time to come here often. I know tons of AP families in Indianapolis but not many that live in my small town.
Yes Allison. I found some of your pants online yesterday! Dumb me got rid of the few I had because I didn't think I was having another baby. Surprise-here is #3 with a big cloth diaper butt. Thanks for all the ideas.
My third babe is quite a chunk. At not quite 5 months of age, he is 19 pounds with chubby thighs. I can already see problems finding shorts to fit over his bulky dipes. Way back when my first chunk was small (6 1/2 yrs ago) I bought some pants from a WAHM who made clothing specifically for a cloth diaper butt. I wonder if she is still around.....I don't remember her name though. : Gina hsing mom with 3 great kids
Did you buy any maternity clothes from Motherhood? We have a big problem around here with that store selling your info to formula companies. I did get formula coupons along with tons of other baby coupons from Target a few weeks after I bought a pregnancy test from there.
Hi. I am due early November with my 3rd baby. This will be my 2nd homebirth.
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