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I cannot find bamboo crochet hooks anywhere and I really love my bamboo knitting needles. Anyone have a good online source for supplies? Thanks.
My kids started basketball at age 3 but softball/baseball doesn't start until age 5. We never did the soccer thing but all my kids have enjoyed gymnastics. As a matter of fact, I am off right now to take my 8 yr old to her homeschool gym class. She is in the class with 3 sisters and she loves it! My 3 yr old nephew has been doing karate for awhile now. I am thinking about that for my very active 4 yr old son as well.
I wish I could live in Bloomington! I am about 1 1/2 hours to the north and it is major conservative/Republican here I love visiting Bloomington however. Bought my composter at a great gardening store called Worms Way. We love visiting Wonderlab (great museum for kids) and always stop at Lower Cascades playground when we visit in the warmer months. There is a great community of AP/La Leche League type mamas in Bloomington. My midwife lives there. Who will you be working...
Your hat is beautiful! I wish I could make one
I can purl and knit but I am afraid of circular needles so these patterns are perfect--thanks!
I actually paid a lady $50 for private knitting lessons. She was an elderly lady who owned a small yarn shop near me. I had a toddler and preschooler at the time and couldn't join her regular beginner classes so she offered to do private lessons whenever I could make it in. She taught me the basics and I made my first scarf. It was worth the $$. She has since retired and closed the shop. I only wish I could find someone nearby to teach me how to crochet
Can anyone point me to a free pattern online for a simple hat? I am a true beginner knitter and I am trying to teach myself to crochet as well so either type of pattern would be great. Thanks.
I am in love with this magazine! I started subscribing at the end of the year and loved it so much, I bought all the back issues and bought a gift sub for a friend. :
We are sooooo jealous. It is 20 degrees here but no snow : Enjoy your day! :
We love hiking and exploring at Eagle Creek Park. They have a new nature center there too. Enjoy your visit!
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