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Love my Wallababy.com solarveil sling....$35
Love my new Sachi MT. The straps are nicely padded and very comfortable.
I thought I read somewhere that only 20 minutes a day is actual learning time for a Kindergardener! That's why I tell dh our 1 1/2 hours per day (only 3 days a week) is way more than the public school kids are doing.
The fabric is only 26 inches wide. Is there any way to make a sling or pouch with it???
I love my MT and have another on the way but I would like something to use for quick trips (to the store, library, etc.) that is faster to put on. I am selling my Maya Wrap because it hurts my shoulder. I like the fabric ok and I think I want another unpadded one. What about a pouch? I have tried a Maya pouch in the past and that also hurt my shoulder. Any recommendations would be appreciated! BTW, ds is 6 months old and 21 pounds.
All my children were born with lots of black hair. My first two didn't lose any hair but it did light up a bit to a brown color. My 6 month old has lost a lot of his hair but the new hair that is growing in looks blond!! I have known people (my brother included) who were born blond and then changed to dark brown but never the reverse. Is my son just weird or what?? :LOL BTW, I have dark brown hair and DH has red hair.
I have heard people refer to LLL as a "breastfeeding cult" and say that you really shouldn't go to meetings unless you want to nurse until your child is in school. Our small LLL group (I am a Leader) is very mainstream, non-hippie, probably leaning toward Republican......but that reflects the area where I live. (conservative Midwest)
Wednesday, I don't know how old your son is but have you ever seen the Anti-coloring books? They are awesome. My 6 yr old loves them.
When do you wash/lanolize your wool covers? Do you do it periodically or wait until it starts leaking? Do you use a gentle cycle or wash by hand? TIA I recently bought 2 Aristocrats (I would have loved a handmade soaker but I couldn't wait!). DS just had his first leak. He only wears them at night and never poops so I haven't washed them yet.
Yes, a snap came off a newborn Kissaluv (the umbilical snap). They will replace it for free but you have to pay to ship it to them. I didn't bother.
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