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Quote: Originally Posted by OakBerry I also used to censor Curious George goes to the Museum. The curator says "throw that naughty monkey in jail" and then George is so ashamed that "he wished he was dead". Now I read the jail part but say that george was ashamed of himself. That's exactly the example I was going to give. I leave words like "stupid" out when I read other books, but most of the omissions come during Curious George. My...
How cool to see this mentioned here! The magazine is being put together by a friend of mine. I'd be surprised if anyone's heard much about it, since the first issue isn't out yet! (It's going to be out in about a month.) She's very excited, rightfully so, about the response she's had, as far as submissions and interest. I can't wait to get my hands on it, and it's not just 'cause I know her!
Didn't Rosie's mom die of breast cancer? I'm surprised she doesn't know the facts about breastfeeding lowering a woman's chance of getting breast cancer, and wouldn't want to give her family the best chance at avoiding it.
I've heard before that it's possible to make recipes with applesauce instead of oil, but is it a direct substitution? If a recipe calls for a cup of oil, will a cup of applesauce work? Or is there more to it than that?
I totally agree with you about Constantine, MamaBug--those faces were the worst! My favorites are Anwar and Mario. They were ALL better than any of the guys from last season's top 12, though. Except George--I really liked George. That was his name, right?
So far it seems like there are some really good singers this season! Let's hope they all get through to the top 12... sometimes they let lesser singers through on image. Blech. I did notice that the woman you all were talking about with the "image issue" got through, but they didn't make a big deal about it. I'm sure they won't let her win, but it's awesome that they didn't cut her right away anyway. She has an incredible voice.
Yay! I hope that segment benefitted lots of babies across the country!
Me too! I posted a question there a couple of days ago, and now the whole forum's gone before anyone answered!
Scout wanted me to try on her cowboy hat. So I put it on and said, "How does it look?" Her reply: "Brown."
It's obvious that his drinking IS affecting you.. otherwise you wouldn't be so upset about it. I think you need to tell him exactly HOW it is affecting you, and that you're worried about him and the future of your family if he continues on this path. Let him know what you wrote here--that you can't trust him to help care for your son after having so many drinks. And if he doesn't think he's impaired after four or five drinks, point out instances that show that he was....
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