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Thank you for sharing your journey.  Best wishes for your future!  
I've been following this thread, and it is really compelling and interesting.  I have a question, are you willing to move to baby's city so that sharing custody will be easier?   (following positive paternity results that is...)  Keep fighting the good fight.
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I'm a SAHM of 3 and we are homeschooling (3rd and kindy).  I'm super busy renovating our house on top of everything else.  I read a couple of blogs written by "life coaches" with a focus on mothers.     Do any of you out there do the whole personal coach thing and find it really useful?  
I had my ears pierced as an infant, because that was what was culturally expected and I find now that I cannot tolerate earrings.  I have not had my girls' ears pierced because I don't participate in ritual scarification.  I felt that it was in the same ballpark as circumcision. 
 Seriously!  What are the odds!?!Those are great names.  I picked out a couple of names for my kids when I was a teenager, and then Paris Hilton got popular, and I had to trash that choice. 
Thanks for clearing up some of the information.   I was thinking about this last night, and I read somewhere that they make bed wetting alarm pads.  The idea is the sensors alert the older child when it is getting wet, so that they can stop peeing, and get up and use the bathroom.   Another idea is to get up in the middle of the night, and help her use the potty so that stays dry. This is essentially potty training.   If her teacher is aware that she is...
Not that I am a psychologist, but do you know how her initial potty training went?  Was she forced or punished for accidents?  You might have to potty train her again, because she needs to know if she is safe.  8-9 year olds are still children, and they need to be reminded to brush their teeth, their hair, etc.  I can see how she might be complacent about this.   Also, Does she not have a case worker?  I don't know much about this type of stuff, but I would think...
Have you taken her to see the Dr. about this?  There could be something physically wrong. 
I can certainly relate.  When we bought our house 6 years ago, we moved in when I had a 2 year old, and was pregnant.  Then some friends became homeless, and so we put up their family of 5 and all their stuff for a few weeks.  They left a lot of stuff behind.  Then I miscarried.  Then I got pregnant again.  Then I finally got around to moving into our house, and I am still working on it 6 years later and a total of 3 kids. So, for me the solution came from Pinterest....
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