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I am in thr process of harvesting as well. The pears are ready when you tilt the horizontally from the branch and they snap off easily. The flesh should still be somewhat hard. Put them in the refridgerator (45 degrees) for about a week to help them sweeten. Then pull them out and let them ripen. To speed ripening, you can put them in a paper bag with a banana or apple. To test ripeness, hold the pear in the palm of your hand and use your thumb to gently but firmly...
all lettuce sprouts were there one day, gone the next. I suspect a racoon. I think it ate most of my carrot sprouts too...now I only have 5 growing. Green beans produced 4 pods. Not enough light is my suspicion. My poor tomato sprouts bit the dust, but the plants I bought at the store are finally looking promising. Now for the positive... My husband has caught gardening fever, and is now planning on extending our growing area to my original specifications. ...
My 3 year old DD wants me to snuggle her face to face so she can put her hands down my shirt and twiddle. It drives me freakin' insane! We are working on moving that affection to a stuffed animal, and it is starting to work. I too get to the point of yelling at her. I do find however, if I take care of myself during the day (not doing too much, eating all I need to, and indulging in a few minutes of "me" time) I am much more patient at the end of the day when she...
I throw them into the veggie mix for making broth.
I often avoid looking at posts in this forum because I get too worked up about mutilation-circumcision. I thought I would announce that last week we had a boy, and he is INTACT and will be. This will be the beginning of our family line leaving the body unharmed. Thank you to those who post and educate. It is because of this forum I got the information I needed to back up my decision, and I know this is a place that I can draw from for support in the care of my boy,...
Here is a link to an Austrailian project http://www.lensgarden.com.au/straw_bale_garden.htm We haven't planted yet...still too cold. For fencing...There is always free palate wood available around here...you could check craigslist.
This is my 3rd pregnancy, and everytime, I have ZERO sex drive. I do miss sex, I miss the intimacy, but everytime I try to have intercourse, it feels AWFUL. My sweet, patient husband is willing to settle for less. We do all but the deed, but just to him, as even foreplay grosses me out. I hope you can work something out with your partner.
If you are comfortable with pants or skirt across your midline, then you give the illusion that you just have a fatter tummy. Dress with a dark bottom and lighter top. Layering with a jacket or sweater you keep open will then create vertical lines covering up even more of your stomach. oh, and congrats on the pregnancy!
but I sold my car (and with it my freedom to leave the house whenever I like) to have a home birth. I told my DH if he didn't support me, than I would lock myself in the bathroom and have the baby by myself without any help! If it is REALLY important to you, you can find a way to pay for it.
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