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Max, such wonderful news! Congratulations! Soto, yay for a healthy scan! And, girls rock!
Good luck, Erin!
Congrats, Coco! So beautiful!!! AFU, we just got back from the beach, where the babies turned two months!
Also, Erin, when is the induction scheduled vis-a-vis your due date? You can always push back a little if you and the baby look healthy. Maybe ask for a NST and to wait a few more days? If you're not at 42 weeks and there are no medical issues, induction seems unnecessary.
Congrats EasttoWest and welcome baby Nathaniel!!! Yeah, our DD is that size at two months! Ha.
Um, not to freak you out, Essenbee, but we're washing dipes every day. Partially because we don't have a million, but I don't think we could go more than 36-48 hours without filling the diaper pail. Seraf, can you add me? One big kid (almost 5), two littles.
hi everyone! i'm almost never on my computer these days, though i've been reading along from my phone. i also tend to post more pics on facebook, so if you're not part of the group there, maybe you should be...   so excited for all the new babies coming, and recently arrived! congrats, cordelia!   afm, jane and theron will be eight weeks old tomorrow! not sure how that happened. the first six weeks were ROUGH, but i feel like we're coming out of the woods now and...
My partner is also FTM and my DD calls him Papa. Good luck!
Carmen, that's crazy! Seven?!? I was borderline, and just had to test once.
Sorry- hit send too soon. Anyway, he came around eventually. Watch some videos of the procedure. Google "botched circumcision". PM me if you want me to send you the articles. Good luck. It's a hard disagreement, but now DP is really glad that we didn't do it.
New Posts  All Forums: