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I don't know about US laws, but in terms of house size, that was my concern too. We are in a 'starter' home, have 3 children in here and are adopting a 4th. The social worker didn't even bat an eye when she came over. I think if you have a plan - like this is the baby's room or whatever, I can't see why they'd make a big deal of it. The expenses are ridiculous I will say. I think there are a fair amount of grants available in the US (found from my searching) as...
Quote: Originally Posted by EFmom We went into what I call "austerity mode," and pared all discretionary spending out of our budget. Dh taught a couple of evening courses at a local college. I'm not a fan of the fundraising mentality in general, so that wasn't for us. Thanks. I know, I hate asking people for money too. We just can't be squeezed much tighter. I've already cancelled our summer camping plans.
Quote: Originally Posted by BethNC I don't know anything about raffles, but I'm pretty sure that you'll be asked to remove the link to your website since you don't have a paid subscription to this website. Oh! I had no idea that would be a problem. I'll take it off. Thanks.
FWIW, I've heard (never tried tho) that silk topped liners or pads are great for preventing yeast infections.
So I'm curious...we are adopting internationally and are struggling to make ends meet. What methods have you used to help cover costs? The only thing I've done so far (besides apply for a grant) is set up a little shop on artfire. Are online raffles legal in Canada?
We are also in Alberta and have decided to go with an International Adoption. There is a fair amount of info on Alberta gov's website, so I'm assuming the other provinces have something on theres as well. Another option is to call a local agency - the one we went with had a free information session all about adoption: domestic, international, and fostering. Goodluck!
Wow, what a beauty! congrats!
Well....what happened....did ya test?
I can't imagine it would hurt it, especially once. I think it's fine.
Okay, I don't know why I smelled my Vita-mix this morning, but oh it was bad!! No, I don't put fish (or meat, for that matter) in it - I usually only use it to make smoothies. I then rinse it out and let it air dry. I am obviously NOT cleaning it good enough. My problem now is that I CAN'T get the smell out. This is what I've tried: -hot water -baking soda -vinegar -dish detergent -none of these worked, even after soaking so I broke down and poured CLR in it. ...
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