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is this normal? my 3 month old is a violent intense bf'er. I should also mention that he is very high needs. When he BF he wont cuddle or cradle with me. He has his head turned to me and his body as far away as he can get. There is nothing sweet about our nursing sessions. He flails his arms & legs out like he is doign jumping jacks and reaches up and smacks my breasts and claws them. I have scratches all over my chest, neck, breast, and face. He punches me with his fist...
what is castile soap? :
i dont cook with it bc it makes food taste yucky. i use it to heat water and melt butter or cheese when I am cooking. My dh wouldnt let me use it all when I was preg, lol Kat
love the way they smell & it gives me some fresh air time. It feels good to standing in the sun.
Drsgo to medical to diagnose illnesses and deal with over all health. They dont teach parenting styles in med school so I dont tell him about co sleeping and BF bc they are just telling you what they *think* is right. I learned the hard way when my ped laughed in my face about me going to LLL meetings and he insulted my laeder saying they think they are doctors. Kat
Jennie, Im sorry I know that now. It was the first time someone replied to any of my posts so I thought it was a direct reply to me, I was just confused. Plus it was so descriptive & I am already upset that I had it done I guess it got me rattled & flustered. Kat
thanks frank- I am new so I got confused and thought it was a reply to my post. It was just so descriptive it really upset me.I apologize to the poster. I am still trying to figure me in & outs of the board. Kat- keeping my mouth shut, lol
why would you post this as a reply to me after I said I already felt bad for being misinformed? I think this was cruel of the poster. My feelings were extremely hurt by this.
Hey all, Im Kat a FTM to Thomas born 1/1/03. I am a transplant from Va Beach VA currently living in Bham AL- anyone else from AL out there? I met the best group of AP like minded mommas in my area and they directed me to the board. I am BF & trying my hand at CD'ing. Well I wish I could type more but I got a newborn that needs some moo, lol. Kat
regrettfully I did in the end. I wish I could take it back that we had him circ. My hub didn't want to and then the DR walzted in and said if we didn't he would be plagued with constant UTI's and the foreskin is dirty and I would always be cleaning it & pulling it back. How sad & stupid I was. To make it worse when they took him off it was almost 2 1/2 hours before they brought him back to me. They said they thought I needed my sleep. It was aweful he clawed his lil face...
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