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Im on the nursing program waitlist at my local community college, and taking all my pre-reqs, any non-nursing classes i can take ;). its a 2yr ladder program. i also work part time as a CNA, i agree with pp that its great experience! hoping it will help once im in the program. 
Im in pretty much the same situation as u OP, except it's been 2.5 years for me. It is really really hard to let go of the grudge....the way i look at it is my kids are smart and strong and the sooner they learn who he really is the better it will be for them. And knowing that i have not stood in the way of their relationship with their dad, i have been very flexiable and accomidating to his whimms. at this point its on him to have a relationship with the kids and i just...
Hmmm, ive been dating a guy exclusively for about 3 months now...Harley Guy...HG...he's great we're having a great time together...the only concern i have is taking it from couple time to time with me and the kids. we've hung with the kids all together 3 or 4 times and it went really good every time...he has said that he wants to take it really slow with the kids..which i fine with me but i just wonder how do u end up making that transition and is there a magical time...
mamma! i've had those nites...hope ur feeling better!
Im jumpin in! I have a date Fri!! I'll call him Mr. Foreman....he messages me on POF...at first he was kinda pushy to meet and i put him off for a while bc it kinda turned me off, i was like lets try to get to know each other a bit first and maybe even a phone call first?? and then we started txting more and finally talked on the phone and i decided what the hell lets meet, so fri for drinks it is!
it does, doesn't it?!?! that's great!!
Great post Butterflymom! as for the question of the month....i don't know...i agree with bad mama jama that being upfront is good i don't know really...im still waiting to see whats next w mr. electrician its so funny bc i consider myself very confident and know what i want, but when it comes to men i get all foggy in the brain!!!
i do all the time! but i've realized that who he is now is probally who he really is and he was trying to play the role he thought he should play when he was with me and after so many years he couldn't do it anymore and showed his true colors..so then i think im happy to not have that type of person in my life anymore!
thanks so much mamas!! i just dont know how to do this anymore lol he txt last nite to see how my weekend was...we r gonna hang out later in the week
ok so i finally have something to post about....ive been on 2 dates with lets call him mr. electrician last nite was our 2nd. the first one i asked him out for drinks and at the end of that nite he asked me out for last nite....well last nite was a blast...i met a ton of his friends and we had a great time...a nice good nite kiss. but no plans were made for a next time....hmmmm...i sent him a txt when i got home and said i had a lot of fun and we should do it again...
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