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PDF files can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free (safe) download. Most computers come with it pre-installed, so depending on your operating system, you may just need to double-click on the file you downloaded.
Coupon code 10THANKS stacks with this deal to give you $10 worth of books for free. The coupon code may be used once per e-mail address you register.
I've never flown JetBlue, but most airlines limit economy class passengers to one carry-on and one personal item (purse, briefcase, etc.) these days.
Subbing as I think 12-month-old DD may have this as well. She's been battling some respiratory ailment for a couple of weeks, and her cough sounds just like the one on pertussis.com. We moved to S. Korea last month, and she's been to see a doctor here a couple of times, but he hasn't actually heard her cough. She's on a three-day round of antibiotics for an ear infection right now, and we're supposed to have a follow-up visit Saturday. Should I ask that she be tested...
I live in Dongducheon and haven't had any vaxes other than tetanus since early childhood. I've never been vaxed against any of the things (Hep A/B, JE, etc.) that the military claims you should be vaxed against in order to live in S. Korea. I actually lived in a rural town near Dongducheon for four years before hubby and I met and never had any health issues aside from normal stuff (colds, bronchitis, gastroenteritis on a couple of occasions, etc.). When hubby and I...
Thanks to both Island Mama and EmilyVorpe for posting. The breastfeeding incident was infuriating, but the fact that there response to a child being injured by THEIR display in a TOY STORE was to say the parents should take their business elsewhere was outrageous. And in light of their attitudes, I've just e-mailed their corporate office to let them know our family will gladly take our business elsewhere as well.
My preference is no shoes in the house. When we were in the States, hubby had a tendency to "forget" to take his off. (He grew up in a house where they *had* to wear shoes, as floors left a lot to be desired.) We're in Korea at present, though, so taking shoes off isn't just a "preference." Wearing outside shoes into someone's home would be a major social blunder.
My husband just got out of the military, and we're moving to Korea w/ our 10-month-old daughter next month. Over the next few weeks, life is going to be turned on end. We moved out of our on-post housing and into an extended stay motel early last week. We'll be leaving here Saturday to drive 3 1/2 hours to his parents house, where we'll spent a week and a half or so (although we may end up in a motel there, due to child-proofing issues). We'll then fly from TX to...
My almost nine-month-old's shins have been looking like someone beat her for the past month. This past week, she's decided she's a lot more interested in standing than crawling, so some of the bruises are starting to fade -- but now she's getting them on her chin/forehead from pulling up and bopping into things on the way up/down.
Quote: Originally Posted by Morningcalm That's great! Have you lived in South Korea before with the army? If not, please feel free to ask me questions. After three years in Korea, my husband and I finally figured out all the ins and outs of living comfortably as a foreigner. Don't know about shipping to Korea. We arrived with very little and returned home with a baby! We sent lots of stuff home via Korea post as it was cheaper than a shipping...
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