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Lately we have been caring for 8 new chicks, reorganizing the backyard, starting seeds for the garden, playing with friends outside in the warmer weather, learning what ever we can about Japan and my oldest and I started the Rosetta Stone Spanish program.  Happy Spring!
This trait is actually found in 15-20% of the population.  Things that help my family deal with the excess stimulation of home education and just having three kids in my home all day are, a loose schedule or daily rhythm, taking a walk or just getting outside for a bit everyday, and allowing anyone who is overwhelmed to take a quiet break away from the group in a calm place (this place is different for each of us).    It might help to take another look at the website...
Was your son invited over any other time to help celebrate the child's birthday?  If not then I agree that the mother is telling you through her actions that she does not value the friendship her son and yours share and she is not going to nurture it any longer.  I am so sorry for you and your sons hurt over this.  Lost friendships are hard. 
I dont think she is saying that newcomers should dictate the movement at all.  Nor do I see anywhere that she accuses radical unschoolers of unparenting.  What I took from the article is that unschooling is a wide spectrum and that we all should be understanding of each other as we grow and learn within the movement.  Many of the online unschooling communities have become very hateful.  A lot of the "unschooling gurus" speak to  people who are asking simple questions as...
This article really spoke to me and I thought a few of you might appreciate it too.   http://www.lifelearningmagazine.com/1304/liberate_your_education_unschooling_is_not_one-size-fits-all.htm
To be completely honest, I would probably be concerned at first but then my husband would remind me that children learn at different speeds and that what "they" say a child should know by a certain age is not important.  He will get it when ad if he needs it or wants it.  Also, if he is reading he probably does know what a basic proper sentence looks like even if he can't define it.  A lot of adults dont know total proper sentence structure (I know it is a weekness of...
  It really sounds like everyone in the discussion is pretty much on the same page when it comes to her original question even if we differ in who we "side" with as far as father or son.  I think we all agree that we should facilitate our children in learning to achieve their goals through obtaining time management skills.  We may have slightly different ways to facilitate but that is okay and necessary because we are all dealing with different children/families.
  I totally understand the alarm thing.  Honestly for me they don't work either but for my husband they work perfectly!  I am more of a "right when I wake up" or "after the ____ meal" or "before I lay down to bed" schedule person too.  My loose schedule is important to me because it helps me but I know that doesn't work for everyone.  It really sounds like everyone in the discussion is pretty much on the same page.  Helping to facilitate our children in learning to...
  What about my suggestion of helping the child create their own schedule to achieve their goal?  First you would need to talk with them and help them define the goal.  Then help them set alarms and maybe set up their workstation for them as someone else suggested.  
Fun thread!  I have been furthering my Spanish language skills, exploring more complex crocheting patterns and creating different homemade fermented/cultured foods.
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